Check disk usage using cPanel

Check disk usage using cPanel


This interface displays information about how you use your account’s disk space and your files and directories. This helps you to manage your disk space quota use, because it displays files and directories that use large amounts of hard disk space.

Note: If you receive a Write failed: disk quota exceeded warning, your account has used the maximum amount of disk space that your quota allows. You cannot save any files because no disk space remains.

  • Use this interface to determine which files you can delete in order to reclaim used disk space.
  • Contact your hosting provider if you wish to request a higher disk usage quota.

Disk Usage

This interface displays the following disk space usage summaries:

  • Files that your home directory contains.
  • Files that exist in hidden subdirectories.
  • Mailing lists in Mailman.
  • Files that your home directory does not contain (see the Other Usage bar).

Note: The bars in the graph represent disk usage figures relative to the largest directory.

Access File Manager

Click any of the listed directories to open the appropriate subdirectory in the File Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> File Manager).

You'll then be brought to a page displaying the disk usage for each area.


The File Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> File Manager) does not display disk usage information for individual files that your home directory contains. Some discrepancies may exist between data that the  File Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> File Manager) and this interface display:

  • Most files occupy slightly more disk space than their actual size. For example, a 300-byte file may occupy 4 KB of actual disk space.
  • The disk space usage information does not indicate how much space the directory itself uses. Typically, directories themselves occupy a negligible amount of disk space.
  • The system includes MySQL® database size and PostgreSQL® database size in an account’s disk usage calculation. However, the system does not enforce the account’s disk space quota limit if a database’s size causes the account to exceeds its limit. For more information, read our Quota Modification documentation.
  • The figures that this interface displays may not reflect recent changes in your account’s disk space.