Accessing DNS Manager from the dashboard

Accessing DNS Manager from the dashboard


The DNS Manager can be found on the far-left side of the screen on the dashboard. It is the 5th option titled “DNS” in the list of categories.

Once you select the DNS, you’ll be brought to the DNS Manager page. Here, you can access any DNS zones you have and manage them from the convenience of one page.
You can add a DNS zone, delete them, and edit them as you please.

In the Bulk Management section, you can view the list of DNS Zones you have and select specific or all DNS Zones and will be prompted to choose an action, allowing you to do commands in bulk. This can help save a lot of time and stops you worrying about individually editing every DNS Zone you have.

On rDNS, you can query the DNS to help determine what the domain name of an IP address is.

And lastly, on the tasks option, you are able to view the DNS tasks to check on the jobs that are ongoing, showing you details of the status and progress of each one. Helping you to oversee all of the information easily.