How to login to DirectAdmin

How to login to DirectAdmin


A tutorial on how you can access your DirectAdmin Panel, the details on the login URL, etc.

After successfully placing a payment order, you will receive a welcome email from us containing the login details. You will need your login details to access your DirectAdmin account.

Permanent URL:∗∗SSLProtected∗∗) (**SSL Protected**) (Non-SSL – Insecure)

Log-in using the following IP Address:
https://:2222$ip-here (SSL Protected – Need Exception)

If your domain propagates, you will be able to access it like that:

If your URL does not open on port**:2222**, please check your welcome URL. Sometimes port numbers can differ, and you will need to use that port instead of port:2222


How to Login to DirectAdmin?

Open your DirectAdmin URL, and once DirectAdmin opens in your browser, it will ask for your username/password.

Enter your username and password, and click on Login. If your login details are correct, you will have successfully logged into your DirectAdmin account.

Note: If you recently modified your domain DNS, the domain propagation can take up to 24 hours!